Tips for Golfing Beginners

Golf is a popular pastime at Pelican Waters and it’s also a great way to meet people if you’re new here. You might find it a bit intimidating if you’ve never played it before, so here’s some handy tips to help you on your way.

Learn the basic rules…

You should do this before you even pick up a club. You need to learn the basic terminology and scoring methods so that you can at least understand what’s going on.

…and the etiquette

Golf is a very old sport and while you’ll probably be forgiven for most faux pas, you might feel too embarrassed to return to the club once you realise you’re not supposed to take seven practice swings when you have people waiting behind you.

Most individual clubs have their own little points of etiquette too, especially where dress is concerned, so make the effort to find them out.

Buy the right equipment

You need to start off with a basic set of clubs and some balls, as well as a towel and a marker pen. Don’t go overboard on a huge set of golf clubs as you won’t know what some of them are even for! Likewise, buy cheaper balls because you’ll lose most of them to start with!

Try some lessons

Having lessons is handy for getting into good habits early on as this will help you to make progress. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for a club membership that you feel isn’t worth it because you’re just not improving.

Make sure you understand the different sorts of club

You should already know the difference between a driver and a putter, but you also need to know which club is used for longer and shorter shots. It’s a bit of a science, but having the general idea is a big help.

You also need to understand the different shots

Again, there’s the drive and the putt, but there’s also loads of other shots and techniques. Knowing the basics before you try any can help you to escape the bunker a bit sooner.

Get on the driving range

It’s here where you can try out all manner of shots without putting yourself under too much pressure to perform. Time spent here pays off in the end.

Read about it

There’s magazines, books, online forums and blogs, so get involved because there’s always something to learn.

Relax and enjoy it

It’s a hobby, after all. Don’t try to do too much at once because you’ll end up stuck and frustrated. If you’re in a rut, take a few minutes out and go back to the absolute basics. Or alternatively, head to the clubhouse for a beer and try again tomorrow.